Attention Deficit Disorder in College Students

Are you aware that many college students have attention deficit disorder? Are you concerned that you might be a victim of this condition? What are the characteristics of attention deficit disorder? What are its symptoms and treatment options? And what are its consequences, both on the academic and nonacademic sides? Read on to learn more. Hopefully, you'll soon be on your way to a brighter future! Here are a few helpful tips to help you cope with your learning disability.

Demographic differences

One recent study found a striking difference between male and female attention deficit disorder college students. Students with ADHD were significantly less likely to be female, Asian, or African American than the comparison group. While male students had a lower prevalence of ADHD, female college students were significantly more likely to be high-income, and those with ADHD were more likely to have parents with a college degree. But there was one other difference between the two groups.

The study also found that college students with ADHD reported a greater number of strengths than their peers. In general, students with ADHD rated themselves in the top 10 percent for artistic ability, computer skills, creativity, public speaking, and self-confidence. The study also found that ADHD college students rated themselves as high-risk takers, which indicates that they had high intentions to be an entrepreneur or work in a profession that relates to their interests.

Treatment options

While ADHD is not a life-threatening condition, it can be devastating for a student. While ADHD may not appear to be a serious issue at the outset, it can become a major problem over time. In order to help a college student overcome this obstacle, treatment options for attention deficit disorder must be comprehensive and include both behavioral therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. Additionally, it is vital to have support from others in similar situations to help you manage your stress.

Most college campuses provide academic accommodations for ADD students. Some of these accommodations may include extra time for assignments and distraction-reduced test settings. However, a study of thirty college students with ADHD found that less than half of them received adequate accommodations, and only 46% of those who were offered these accommodations actually used them. Even worse, fewer than one-third of ADHD college students who were diagnosed in foreign language classes were utilizing accommodations. Common reasons for not using the additional aid available to them include a lack of knowledge about the available services.

Academic performance

Many college students with ADHD are suffering from limited academic performance. Symptoms of ADHD range from difficulty focusing and completing assignments to limited behavior, stress, and frustration. Although academic underachievement is often associated with ADHD, researchers have differentiated between academic underachievement and general underachievement. Academic performance is a key component of life with ADHD. This includes completing classwork, applying knowledge, and learning new skills.

There is still a lack of data on the independent contribution of ADHD to GPA and graduation rates. But a few studies have shown promising results. Among those that tested, 90 percent of students on medication said the medication helped them perform academically. Overall, college students with ADHD were less likely to be female and were more likely to be white. Moreover, students with ADHD are more likely to be White than their non-affected peers.

Efficacy of medication

A study of adherence to medications for attention deficit disorder in college students found that treatment adherence decreased in the first semester, peaked at the end of the semester, and declined again. The findings suggest that medication use may be linked to fixed demands, like classes or homework. According to the researchers, the primary reasons for not taking ADHD medication in college students were forgetfulness, waking up too late, and lack of schoolwork.

Findings from the study were not limited to college students. Researchers searched PubMed for English-language papers examining the effects of ADHD medications on the symptoms of the disorder. However, they did find inconsistencies between the two types of medication. The results of these systematic reviews are important for future guidelines internationally and in shared decision-making between clinicians and patients. The study findings also serve as a guide for clinicians and students alike.

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Benjamin Franklin Elementary, Franklin Elementary, Franklin Elementary School, Glendale Unified School District, Immersion Programs, Bilingual Education, California Distinguished Schools, California Top Performing